You've heard them on radio and TV commercials...

they get into your head and they make it impossible to forget the message!

They're called Jingles!

And they give your business a positive image that stands out from your competitors.An effective Jingle creates instant re-call from your existing and potential customers and now you can have your very own personalised Jingle that can have an immediate impact on your marketing and advertising.

Here at JR Recording Studio, we’ve been creating and producing winning Jingle packages for over 10 years.

Our clients include many leading businesses on the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney and the list is continually growing.

A creative Jingle can work wonders for your business so why not contact us


We’re happy to devise a concept that will catch the attention of the consumer and be equally adaptable to TV, Radio, even your Messages On – Hold. If you don’t have Messages on Hold, then that’s great. We have over 100 clients who have used us to produce an informative, interesting and entertaining on hold product.

To hear some of our most successful Jingles, simply click on the link and then stand by to hear a montage of some of our great Jingles that have been extremely successful for their businesses.

We're always hungry for new work and we would love to hear from you!

For further information, please contact us.

Demo Jingles


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